I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to support founders that are pushing the frontiers of civilizational growth. I invest both individually and out of a syndicate, Exoplanet Capital. If you are interested in joining the syndicate, please apply here.

Company Info Other Investors
Stripe Financial infrastructure for the internet a16z, Sequoia, Founders Fund, YC
Cuby Inflatable, turnkey network of factories for on-site assembly At One Ventures, Type One Ventures
Chainalysis Blockchain data and analysis platform Benchmark, Coatue, Accel, BlackRock
Mast Rapid reforestation via heavy-lift drones 776 Fund, Social Capital
Ivy Universal machine learning framework and transpiler YC, Clem Delangue (HuggingFace), Charlie Songhurst
Pika Earth Accelerate electrification via EV tooling Sequoia, Box Group
QALY Earliest disease detection from at-home sensors Chad Byers (Susa), Eric Bahn (Hustle Fund)
Ritual AI coprocessor for blockchains Archetype, Accomplice, Balaji
Seismic A protocol for interactive shielding TBA, early check
NEX Storytelling and world-building gen AI TBA, early check
Curio Infrastructure for composable on-chain games Bain Capital, TCG Crypto, Robot
PlaygroundRL LLM expert evaluation platform TBA, early check